Identità  Affamate - i protagonisti della società
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“Identità Affamate” project is still aimed at wanting to find the difference between hunger and greed. This year will see us exploring what people eat for lunch or, for the younger, the school break. The term in milanese dialect “schiscetta” refers to a simple, ready-made meal brought from home and in recent years was abandoned as outdated but, because of the current economic crisis which has affected most of the population, is now back in vogue, especially amongst couples and parents who, at little expense and effort, can provide the interested party with a well-deserved although frugal meal. The main objective is to find carefully-prepared and creative food, which is pleasing to the palate, without tipping the balance of the weekly budget. “Identità Affamate” invites chefs to partecipate by sending us low-cost but appetising recipes which can replace the old “schiscetta”. These recipes will be published together with the name of their creators and their restaurants or the restaurants where they are employed. This project isn’t just another competition! On the contrary, we hope to encourage all those concerned, to reflect on the significance of the time and preparation involved in providing a healthy meal for kids and adults who, in turn, can appreciate what they are eating and not just the fact that it doesn’t cost too much. Food has undoubtedly become the new fashion statement in today’s society and Starving Identities feels it should go further in increasing our knowledge regarding our chosen lifestyle: the fashionable clothes we wear are in contact with our skin but remain on the outside whilst food enters through the mouth, nourishing us physically from the inside, involving our organs and metabolism but also our psyche, with pleasure and the awareness of who and what we are.